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Welcome to the official Project South Ridge Wiki!

Project South Ridge (sometimes shortened as "PSR") is an open-world Roblox game set in a completely fictional universe created by Blocky_550. PSR is currently the main project of Cube Studios. This wiki will eventually have pretty much all the lore about the universe included for your viewing pleasure.

World Map

This is the map of the Project South Ridge universe. You can click on a country or region to visit its page. Not all countries are clickable yet. If the map is not working properly, there is a table below to access all the country and region pages. World Map Orbit Empire Arctic Circle United Tribes of Laurentia Isles of Lincoln New Lincoln Ulster Terra del Cibo Terra del Cibo New Ulster Lenara Lignareix Antarctica Hóng Lóng Dǎo Kaiyō Kaiyō Saint Louis Island Cullham United Island Nations of Palencia New Cullham Impala Islands

Countries & Regions in the Project South Ridge Universe
Acosta Antarctica Arcadia Arctic Circle
Cullham Hóng Lóng Dǎo (红龙岛) Impala Islands Isles of Lincoln
Kaiyō (会よ) Lenara Lignareix Milan
Montagna New Cullham New Lincoln New Ulster
Nordica Orbit Empire Patria Patria Sud
Royaume du Lac Santa Maria St. Louis Island Svenstark
Terra del Cibo Tierra Ártica Tierra del Norte Ulster
United Island Nations of Palencia United Tribes of Laurentia Vímara Westburg

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